Upgrading Acid theme from version less than 1.2.0

If you’re using a version < Acid 1.2.0 ( most likely something like 1.1.13 ) here are the instructions to upgrading.

The instructions may seem like a large piece of text, but I’m just trying to be explicit about every detail. Updating really isn’t that difficult and takes only a couple of minutes.

  1. Backup Your Site. Please do. The upgrades may mess up your portfolio images, so please do a full file and database backup before you attempt anything. There are dozens of free and premium plugins out there that can do this for you, like BackWPupBackUpWordPress and more. You should be backing up your WordPress already anyway.
  2. Delete your current Acid Theme ( don’t worry, you’re not going to lose your data, WordPress takes care of that )
  3. Install a copy freshly downloaded from ThemeForest as you normally would.
  4. The Theme is now going to ask you to install Pure Portfolio Plugin, install the plugin.
  5. Go to Plugins and note that you should have 2 Active “Pure Portfolio Plugins”. Deactivate and then Delete the plugin that has the version “1.0.0” or any other below “1.1.0”.
  6. If successful, your Portfolio Images now should be migrated and visible when editing an entry or when viewing it.