Page Loading Animation (Kameron 1.2.4+ feature) A guide on how to use it.

Since Kameron 1.2.4 we added a new feature – a loading animation that indicates that the page is currently loading.

Using this will prevent your user to start scrolling before your page has finished loading, therefore preventing situations when the page ends half aw down and a user is unable to scroll any further.

This new feature is located in Theme Options > General Settings > Loading Animation.

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 17.35.02

The options include:

  • Switching the animationĀ On and Off

If you don’t want it, switch it off, but your users may experience the problem described above if they have slow internet connection.

  • Choosing a custom background color and opacity for the loading animation background
  • Option to upload a loading image.

This image can be either a small .png image or an animated .gif image. If no image is uploaded you will have a simple, default loading animation.

  • Option to spin your image with CSS3

If you uploaded an animated .gif image, leave this option off because your image is already moving. If you uploaded a static .png image, you can turn this option On and the image will spin. Note that the CSS3 spin animation is not supported by IE8, IE9 and Opera Mini, so if your users tend to use these browsers, upload a .gif image and leave this option Off.

Feel free to download the Kameron loading graphic here, to get you started.