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Text type/size and page scrolling buttons

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    Hi there, how do we chage the text type/size of the overall theme?

    And why do the scrolling buttons appearing on the left instead of bottom? Can i change the appearance of the button (such as changing the colors)

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    Which buttons are you referring to? The ones on the right of the screen? On your website, I see those buttons on the bottom of the page. What device did you use in that screenshot?

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi Daniel,</p>
    I appreciate the reply, I’m viewing on my desktop computer. On the index page, it seems to be working fine, however once I enter the blog page, the buttons appear on the right instead of bottom.

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    I can see the problem and I will add this to our bug list. Thanks for reporting it.

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    Hi Daniel,just wondering when will the bug be fixed?

    Currently, all my blog posts are appearing this way, any idea that I can fix it so that it looks more organized?

    You can visit my site (from a dekstop) so you get an idea

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    It looks like this is going to take a little bit longer, unfortunately I can’t give an exact date. I’ll remind the developer of this bug.

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    Sorry for the long wait, I’ll take a look at this by the end of the week.

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