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Some problems with Eugene

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    Hey there,

    we’ve purchased that awesome Eugene Theme from Themeforest and its a pleasure to work with it. But we ran into two problems / bugs during the creation-process and hope you are able to help us with this hazzle 🙂


    1. when opening, the user lands on that big-grey intropage including the “enter site” button. After clicking that button the user gets to the “real site” including menu, etc. Now the problem: Inside the topmenu there’s the entry “Pitch”. If clicked, the user gets Redirected again to the INTROPAGE. This should not gonna happen. Insead of this, the NORMAL startpage should appear. How do we get this to work?
    2. In Safari, the “browser-backbutton” doesn’t work. I.e. if you click on “Blog” and than use the safari-Backbutton only a white page shows up. This happens at various placed on the site. We think that its a bug in your theme, because chrome, firefox, etc works fine. Could you please check this strange behaviour?

    thank you very much!


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    For the first issue, you need to add this string “?home” at the end of the URL of the “Pitch” page. You can do this by going to Appearance > Menus, remove the “Pitch” item from the menu and add to the menu a new “Custom link” item titled “Pitch” with the URL set to “”.

    Regarding the second issue, do you notice the same bug on the demo website ? And what Safari version do you use?

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    thanks for point 1 🙂



    point2: Yes, I can replicate this issue on that demo page too. Safari Version is 11.0.1.

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    Ok, I’ve added it to our bug list, and if the developer confirms that it’s a theme bug, then it will be fixed in the next theme version.

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