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Slider option on Home and Blog page

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    Hey there, I love the theme and the support you have given me in the recent past was great! I appreciate it!

    My current questions are about the home page and the blog page.

    1 – I wondered if it is possible to add a revolution slider to the home page so that it loads above the large portfolio boxes?

    2 – In the body of the blog page I have an inserted media but on the front end it doesn’t show. Is there a way to accomplish this? I see the rev slider option box but “default” is the only choice. I wondered if I could add the media there as a second possibility? I have included image examples.

    Thanks for such a fantastic theme and such devoted support!


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    1. The Portfolio page is designed to be horizontally scrollable, so if you modify the theme to add a slider at the top, then that would take away a lot of space from the Portfolio entries, which might look ok on large monitors, but on smaller ones the Portfolio entries would be way too small.

    2. You can’t use the default editor to add text to the page set as your Blog page. The only alternative is to edit a theme file. Open in a text editor the “home.php” file located in /wp-content/themes/aster/) and replace the 19th line ( ) with this:

    Also replace “ADD_HERE_THE_LINK_TO_YOUR_IMAGE” with the actual link to your image.

    And then you could add this code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, in order to horizontally center the image, and remove some top margin/padding:

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    I really appreciate the quick response. The Blog page image fix worked perfectly! The custom CSS doesn’t seem to impact the top margin but I added

    .blog–classic .content-area, .blog–grid .content-area {
    margin-top: 0rem;

    to the custom css and it did the trick!

    Thanks so much for your help!


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