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Problem with scroll menu of the entries

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    Find a problem…
    <h3 class=”theme-title”>Golden Demo</h3>

    If use mobile version, main page has arrow for menu of the entries (portfolio entry). Than after pushed on arrow, we can see list of entries menu with buttons for scrolling to the entries. After scrolling to the entries, menu doesn’t scroll back and cover 50% page and need to click menu again to scroll back menu. This is a problem if you use site at first time.

    Solution: menu of the entries must auto scroll back after scrolling to the portfolio entry

    My programmer said to me he can’t change this, because code-js is zipped. And only you can fix this.

    Need your help!

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    I will add this to our list as an improvement suggestion. Thanks.

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    When your next update and can you send it to me?

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    Unfortunately I can’t give an exact date, it could take a few weeks, and I also can’t guarantee it will be added to the theme since it’s more of a feature request than a theme bug.

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    To unzip the build/app.js file and to find there the moment with closing of the menu and the moment with pressing the menu button (it is possible to find on addition and retracting the class active). There approximately in the 480th line +-20). Well and there already you changes a code for the: the opening and closing of the menu when is convenient to you

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    Just open file build/app.js and uncompress it on
    Then find string #461 and put this code

    var ww = window.innerWidth;
    jQuery(‘.js__portfolio-filters’).slideUp(400, function(){

    Then find this code after step one it will be near string 520:

    return o(), i = !1, t(“.responsive-filters”).on(“click”, function() {

    and replace inner code with this:

    jQuery(‘.js__portfolio-filters’).slideUp(300, function(){ jQuery(‘.js__portfolio-filters’).removeClass(“is-open”); });
    jQuery(‘.js__portfolio-filters’).slideDown(300, function(){ jQuery(‘.js__portfolio-filters’).addClass(“is-open”); });
    return false;

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