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Portfolio – unable to edit

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    Two days ago I find suddenly that I am unable to add more images or edit the Portfolio entries.

    Any idea?

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    So, after deactivating and activating all of the plugins I found that the problem comes from Gridable plugin, which comes by default with the theme.

    This plugin also disturb the work of the SEO tool.

    For now, I am not using this future of the theme, but maybe later…

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    Hi George,

    Thanks for your input! We will try and replicate the issues you’re having with your site. We will also check out the Gridable plugin and see what can be done there.

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    Hi, I am also having this problem. I have been unable to edit any of the pages or add images when that plugin is activated..

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    Hi Kristine,

    Thank you for your input – appreciate it! Keep an eye out for the theme update!

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    I also had this issue. Deactivated the Gridable plugin and it was resolved.

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