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Porfolio viewable as Draft, not when Published

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    “Alan says it works.”

    “Works on Trinka’s computer (Safari) with white blinking on one portfolio.  White goes away with repeated attempts to open that portfolio.”

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    Following up on this. It appears to work on other computers but it still doesn’t work on my computer and my friend’s (the photographer) computer. This is important because he can’t check his work when he uploads new photos.

    Besides clearing out cookies, are there other theme-related files that we can delete on the local computer to try to fix this?

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    Here’s an article on how to clear web browser cache:

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    Is there a way to clear the cache just for this site? I’d rather not delete the entire cache.

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    Right click anywhere on your website, click on “Inspect”, then left click and hold on the Refresh button of the browser, then select “Empty Cache and Hard Reload” from the list that just appeared.

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