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Pink floral logo & move Page to Client area

  • hi

    I just got round to installing the Aster theme but I cant find the floral jpg/psd to use as a logo an on the landing page? is that not included? Can you send it to me?


    Also on my previous theme I had a page called Galleries which had a number of subpages containing the actual galleries, which were accessed by direct links.

    Is there an easy way to move the subpages into the “Client Area” section?







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    Hi Richard,

    1. The pink logo is a part of the theme demo presentation and is not included in the purchase. The purchase includes only the WordPress theme, not its contents. Unfortunately, I can’t send it to you, but if you’re looking for a flowery logo you can check out these 100 free logo templates we made or browse Creative Market , – a great marketplace for all kinds of graphics.

    2. Each developer creates their themes differently so there isn’t really a way to transfer one themes galleries to another themes client area. You will have to add all your images manually to Aster client area.

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