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Can i write text in Welcome page or Menu ?

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    Tried to write Welcom page, but nothing was displayed. It is possible ?

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    Please take a look at this section of the documentation ( ) to see how the Welcome Page should be set up and how to write text on it.

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    Ok. But how write text with image ? under image. And how write text in menu (under logo)?

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    You can do that by adding your text to an image and uploading that image to Pages > All Pages > Welcome Page > “Enter Site” image.

    And to add a text under the logo of the menu, you need to go to Appearance > Menus, and add a “custom link” as the first item of your menu. Add “#” to the “URL” field and your own text to the “Link text” field, and after you’ve added it to the menu you will be allowed to remove the “#” from the “URL” field and thus leave it as a simple text (with no link attached).

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